56-year-old Nicole Kidman believes their first daughter is a miracle.

Nicole Kidman celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary to Keith Urban, who gave her the best gift—two children—after failed attempts at having children with Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman’s high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise was broadcast worldwide, but she won’t reveal the details.

The Oscar-winning actor and the Mission Impossible star met on the set of Days of Thunder while Cruise was married to Mimi Rogers, whom he divorced in 1990.

Cruise and Kidman married the same year. Kidman, who was 23 when they married, says she was obsessed with the action hero.

“He basically swept me off my feet. Falling in love made me forget my life plan. Kidman said, “This is it.” I happily consumed it. I desperately wanted a baby with him. I didn’t care about marriage.”

The Hawaiian-born Aussie and Cruise featured in several films together, including Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Far and Away (1992), and Malice (1993), about a young couple desiring children.

Off-screen, Kidman—who had two failed pregnancies with Cruise—wanted children more than a career.

Since Tom and I got married, I wanted kids.We lost a baby early on, which was traumatic. “That’s when we adopted Bella,” she told Vanity Fair. Since I don’t talk about much, that’s complicated. Maybe one day. Thus, we adopted Bella at 25.

Kidman and Cruise, a Scientologist, adopted Connor (1995) two years after Bella (1992).

The star of To Die For celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with her Maverick husband and friends in December 2000.

“Our life together was perfect,” she remarked.

Two months later, Cruise split without explanation, shattering her world.

Kidman stated her agents warned her Cruise would ruin her career. You know your career is over when you marry Tom Cruise. “You’ll shoot yourself in the foot,” she was informed.

They were right—divorcing Cruise was her greatest move.

The Golden Compass heroine received her first Oscar nomination for Moulin Rouge (2001) and won for The Hours (2002).

At G’Day LA, an event celebrating Australians living in America, the stunning celebrity met country music legend Keith Urban in 2005.

“We were very, very quiet about it, and we managed to get through a long period of time without people knowing about us–which is pretty much our style still,” Kidman remarked of her and Urban’s early days.

The stunning couple got engaged at the 2006 Grammys and married in June. The Kiwi-Australian country-crooner entered the Betty Ford Clinic for 90 days four months after their wedding.

Having a rehab partner has taught me a lot. I’m happy to accompany him. She told Vanity Fair that they are committed to their relationship. We got through a very, terrible, very awful, agonizing place.Enough said. Anything else is excessive right now. things jinxes things, so I don’t talk about my huge love for this man.”

Urban and Kidman live in Nashville, California, New York, and Australia while recovering.

After their second anniversary, the couple had their first “miracle” daughter Sunday Rose in 2006. 40-year-old Kidman.

My baby healed me. Having a child took so long. Many thanks. Sunday healed me greatly. “She just has,” Kidman said.

In 2008, a gestational carrier gave the couple their second baby, Faith Margaret.

“Happy anniversary my love,” Kidman and Urban, 55, captioned a sensual Instagram snap of their 17th wedding anniversary.

“Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple! “You two are sweet!” Happy Anniversary!

Kidman uploaded a sweet snapshot of Urban in a go-cart with their children on Father’s Day in June. “Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad there is!” We adore you! Your girls.”

Most admirers wished Father’s Day, with some saying “so sweet and very (hot)” and “So beautiful and precious.”

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