5 quick tips for a beautiful lawn

A beautiful lawn is one of the most desirable features of gardens everywhere. Here are five useful tips to help you on your way to a perfect lawn.
The outdoor season has really begun and it’s time to enjoy your beautiful lawn. A lawn that will be your pride and joy among neighbors and will stay green and varied if cared for with care. To help you do this, we’ve compiled a list of important items to consider:

1. Cutting

Regular lawn mowing is important because it makes the grass thicker. On mowing technique: Less and more often is better than all at once.

Change directions and patterns each time you mow so that grass blades are not pressed in the same direction each time. For each mowing, the rule of thumb is to shorten the yarn by half or two-thirds, to about 2 inches. In mid-summer, you may want to keep the grass a little longer, as it handles dry spells better.

2. Fertilising

Cutting the grass removes nutrients from the grass and these need to be replaced for maximum growth. Therefore, in early spring, you should fertilize your lawn every four to five weeks. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are needed, and special lawn fertilizer blends are readily available from your local dealer. The amount to use is carefully indicated on the packets.

3. Irrigation

If you want a lawn that stays green and varied all summer, then irrigation is important. How often you need to water your lawn depends on the temperature and humidity. When the grass needs water, it will take on a blue-grey tinge and the old leaves of the plant will start to wrinkle and wither. If you’ve planted a new lawn, you’ll need water usually once a day so that the seeds can germinate and form a good, strong root system. Nowadays, lawn irrigation can be achieved with minimal effort. You can water your garden by hand, partially or fully automatically. If you want, automatic, intelligent, computer-controlled sprinklers and systems can take care of the job, and all you need to consider is programming and positioning the sprinklers.

4. Weed control

With perseverance and using the right technique, the battle against weeds on your lawn can be effectively won. A lot of weeds can be eliminated by mechanical means.
Smaller weeds (bulrush and white clover) should be removed with a hand weeder, often used to disturb and prevent their growth. Daisies and dandelions should be removed with a root digger and it is very important to remove as much of the root as possible to prevent further growth. If – against all the odds – you are outmatched, then consider herbicides. In a scenario where weeds have overwhelmed the grass, restructuring the entire soil and covering it with rolled turf is the best solution.

5. Scarification and aeration

Grass roots need air for growth and respiration. Often the soil of a lawn is not sandy enough for the roots to get enough air, resulting in obstructed growth.

With a simple digging fork, you can make holes in the lawn and fill them with coarse-grained sand. This allows surface water to enter the soil more easily and also supplies oxygen to the roots. To remove dead roots and other debris, you may want to scarify your lawn. By removing dry plant debris from the lawn you will provide more breathing space for the lower areas of the grass and help the stems grow better.

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