14 dogs surrounded a little girl. The girl raised her hands to the sky and something incredible happened.

The similarities between the human brain and that of the dog explain the multimillennial friendship between these two species!

Humans and dogs have shared their existence for over 30,000 years, and scientists have learned one of the explanations for this good understanding between the two species: amazing similarities have been discovered between human and dog brains.

Dogs respond to emotions betrayed by the voice in the same way as humans: both dogs and humans have certain similar brain areas for this process, research shows.

This is how this video is explained, which shows the incredible relationship between a little girl and several German shepherds. The child is having a great time with the 14 dogs, and the video makes a sensation on the internet.

Although there is a perception that these dogs behave aggressively and can be dangerous when they are around children, the video gives us a completely different perspective.

Returning to the study, the results of the study suggest that dogs’ affection for humans is beyond their interest in food; that dogs love us for the same reasons other people love us – things like social comfort or social connections.

Previous research by American scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, has shown that a portion of the brain associated with positive emotions is similar in dogs and humans.

In fact, this research confirms what dog lovers have always known, intuitively: that their canine friends perceive love and affection.

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